Freeform Five Summer 2012 DJ Mix

With a few choice festival dates coming up in the next few weeks, I was inspired (OK, I was asked) to rustle up a mix of what is in my virtual record box at the moment.

I don’t get the time to DJ as much as I used to due to all the time I slave over the studio knobs these days so I do genuinely love working up a new set, and this is no exception.

If you see me with my headphones on, nodding along behind the decks anywhere this summer, I hope I play well!

Here’s the tracklist:

1. Compuphonic ‘Sunset’ (DJT Remix)
2. Vincenzo ‘106 Downtown’ (Genius of Time Remix)
3. Mash ‘Style Is the Answer’
4. Breakbot ‘One out of Two’ (DJ Sneak Remix)
5. Cassian ‘I Love It’
6. Daniel Dexter ‘Work Your Body’ (Audiojack Remix)
7. Robert Dietz ‘Oleander’
8. Mennie, Mario Piu ‘Get Enough’
9. Justin Martin ‘Ruff Stuff’ (DJ Version)
10. MAW ‘The Bounce’
11. Dexter ‘1992’
12. Krazy Baldhead ‘Emptyboy’ (Eliphino Remix)
13. Huxley ‘Box Clever’
14. Cowboy Rhythmbox ‘Shake’
15. Adam Port ‘Black Noise’
16. Bepu N’Gali ‘I Travel To You’ (Todd Terje Remix)
17. Ed Davenport ‘Inland’
18. Christian Smith ‘Systemwide’
19. Freeform Five ‘Weltareh’ (Acapella)
20. Justice ‘New Lands’ (Sebastian Remix)
21. Julio Bashmore ‘Au Seve’
22. Locussolus ‘Berghain’
23. Sinkane ‘Runnin’ (Daphni Remix)