6 Free Freeform Reform Remixes to Download


I did mention the other day that I was going to rustle up a collection of some of my favourite Freeform Reform remixes that I’ve knocked together over the years – and chuck them out there for folks to download.

Well, I just finished that and have wrapped them all up nicely in a little bundle to download.

You have to like my page on Facebook to get to the download but I figure if you’re reading this on my site you probably already like the page as well, or won’t find that too much of a hardship.

Just be aware that you might have to do this on a laptop as sometimes Facebook Tabs don’t show up on mobiles.

Go to this tab on Facebook to get them.

I’ve put 6 of my favourites in the bundle- a few club tracks, a couple of mammoth jazzy reworks and a downtempo one for good measure.

This is what’s in there:

Destiny’s Child – ‘Bootylicious’ (Freeform Reform)

Elton John – ‘Are you Ready for Love?’ (Freeform Reform)

Brian Wilson – ‘Our Prayer’ (Freeform Reform)

Gabriel Ananada – ‘Ihre Personliche Glucksmelodie (Freeform Reform)

Legowelt – ‘Disco Rout’ (Freeform Reform)

X-Press 2 – ‘Lazy (Freeform Reform Vocal)

Here’s the link again – 6 Freeform Reform remixes for download.

I hope you enjoy them and do feel free to pass this link to anyone who you think would want to get the tracks.