‘Leviathan’ featuring Róisín Murphy Released


This feels like it’s taken forever!

But, the move back to making club records more often than once every few years continues apace and this is the release I’ve been waiting for.

I started writing with Róisín well over a year ago and then other production and writing meant that we never managed to get a time to get together in the studio and finish what has ended up as ‘Leviathan’. We finally got to that point at the end of last year and were very happy with the result. Of course, Róisín is a true professional and working with her as a writer and singer is a joy.

Eskimo Recordings wanted to follow up the Juldeh Camera release with ‘Leviathan’ and between us we’ve come up with a great set of remixes from Tom Trago, Compuphonic and Cage & Aviary.

I hope that you all like it – you can check out all the versions in the YouTube link below.

You can buy the Radio Edit on iTunes here – http://freeformfive.com/Leviathan-iTunes-Radio-Edit

And the full Remix Package here – http://freeformfive.com/Leviathan-iTunes