First new Freeform Five Record – features Juldeh Camara

juldehcamara larger ritiThanks for sticking around whilst I’ve been spending 6 days a week writing pop songs – the vast majority of which have yet to see the light of day.

I have made a concerted decision to get back to making as many club records as I can – back to the original reason that I started all this in the first place and very much what I wanted Freeform Five to be.

It’s only when I do this and the tracks get sent out to DJ’s that I realise that this is the music I most love to make and, low and behold, the DJ’s that get it first seem to like it. Thanks very much!

So, this first track is really the result of coming full circle and making a record for clubs that brings together house music and my penchant for less often used instruments and styles from other genres.

In this case, a large part of the original music and vocal is provided by Juldeh Camara, a Gambian griot (a musician and storyteller) and riti player. It’s the riti that features throughout the track if you’re trying to identify the sound.

I had come across Juldeh from his work on Real World and with Robert Plant and just felt that his sound would work with mine. He graciously agreed to give it a go and here we have the result.

Release details and more info to follow.

Oh, and that’s the sleeve by the way – another example of my selfless commitment to artwork that is unrecognisable and inconsistent with no theme whatsoever.