‘No More Conversations’ (Mylo Edit) – Official Video

Well, what better way to kick off the new site than the video from our biggest single to date.

Obviously this comes from the period when we were touting our wares as a dance-pop four-piece whereas I’ve spent the majority of the time being the sole operator of the Freeform five moniker.

I’d been making music for a long time before I decided to put a whole band in place. And, I’d know both Nick and Tamara for many years before they took up places in that band. Nick had sung on various tracks that I’d released on Classic, as had Tamara (and you can read more about that in the Biography)

When we came to make the ‘Strangest Things’ album we added Kabba to the line-up.

This is the version of ‘No More Conversations’ that briefly troubled the Top 40. After the initial release, I’d done some work with Myles (Mylo) on his track ‘Muscle Cars’ and he did the now seminal remix of ‘No More Conversations’.

This gave the track a new lease of life and the re-release went on to be a much loved club record and a minor chart smash!

The full length version of this mix is in the free package you can get by signing up to my newsletter here.