‘Weltareh’ Mix Tape – a New DJ Mix

Just because I have a new Freeform five single on the way, Eskimo thought you might like to have a new DJ mix to listen to.

I thought they were wrong but I was pressurised into doing it and now they want me to promote it.

Still it’s a good excuse to release a new DJ mix – including the track, of course.

So, here you go. I’ve tried to keep to my usual mix of different elements of house – hope you like it.

1. Mim Suleiman ‘Maji’
2. Raz Ohara ‘El Zahir’ (The Sorry Entertainers remix)
3. Jesse Rose ‘Sticks & Stones’
4. Freeform Five feat. Juldeh Camara ‘Weltareh’
5. Audiojack ‘No Equal Sides’
6. Show-B ‘Sax ‘N’ MPC’ (Show-B & Thomas Herb edit)
7. Les Go ‘Dan Gna’ (Joe Clausell Voices mix)
8. Soul Clap & Baby Prince ‘The Neverending Quest for Inspiration’
9. Motorbass ‘Flying Fingers’
10. Claptone ‘No Eyes’
11. Marcus Worgull feat. Osunlade ‘Reno’
12. 3rd Face ‘Canto Della Liberta’
13. Brian Eno & David Byrne ‘The Jezebel Spirit’ (Peter Black mix)
14. Keiji Shimazaki ‘Under The Moon’
15. Full Swing ‘Freestyle’
16. The Lost Tribes of Ibadan ‘Avareh’
17. Mercury ‘Man’
18. Francois De Roubaix ‘La Mer Est Grande’ (Carl Craig Remix)

Freeform Five Weltareh mixtape by Freeform Five on Mixcloud